If you had the chance to see the Sonic the Hedgehog movie in cinemas this year, you'll be well aware of a certain Baby Sonic who makes an appearance during the film. Interestingly, Baby Sonic was never officially revealed before the movie's huge redesign, meaning we never got the chance to see how he would have looked if the original aesthetic had remained intact. Until now.

Paramount has shared a deleted scene from the film online, giving us an early look at how Baby Sonic was originally planned to look. The clip never made it to the final release, and as such, the character models and visual effects vary in quality throughout. The latter half of the video gives the best representation of how Baby Sonic might have looked, but we've grabbed screenshots of both that, and the unfinished model, below.

The new, redesigned Baby Sonic was first revealed back in December in a Japanese promotional trailer. Here's how he looks in the final film:

Baby Sonic

If you're wanting to catch the film for yourself, you're actually in luck, as the movie's digital release has been brought forward to today.

Are you a fan of Baby Sonic? Happy with the changes that made it to the final version? Share your thoughts with us below.

Thanks to Greatsong for the tip!