Trials Of Mana

Update: The demo has gone live across all regions. Once again, it includes English Language support (voice and text) and your save data will transfer across from the demo to the full version. There's also a few limitations: You can only level up to Level 7 and can only access the beginning of the story. Enjoy!

Original Story: One Switch release in April we're rather excited about is Square Enix's 3D remake of Trials of Mana. Back in February, a PlayStation 4 demo was spotted on the PlayStation Store tracker website Gamstat. While there was no mention of a Switch demo at the time, it's now been confirmed.

Square Enix has announced a Trials of Mana demo for Nintendo's hybrid system will release in Japan tomorrow, on 18th March. According to a tweet by Japanese Nintendo, the Japan eShop version of the demo will feature English language support, so you'll be able to download and play it right away. Save data will also carry across to the full release.

If it's anything like Square Enix's other recent demos, then it should give fans a solid idea of what to expect when the full game releases next month on 24th April. Of course, to download this demo, you'll need to have access to the Japanese eShop (you can either create a new account or change your region).

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