Animal Crossing New Horizons IMG 1

Earlier this week, Nintendo revealed it would be rolling out its first major update for Animal Crossing: New Horizons before the game was even released. This update – which is now available to download – will give you access to online multiplayer features and much more. There are also a few surprises in Version 1.1.0.

To thank users for downloading the update, Nintendo is giving out a free in-game Switch. When you press it, you'll get the familiar boot-up screen and clicking sound. If you happen to have bought an Animal Crossing themed Switch, you'll receive this same model in the game. This update adds a special Nook Inc. rug as well, which can be purchased with Nook Miles.

Apart from this, the first update prepares players for the Bunny Day festivities, which take place between 1st April - 12th April. When the date reaches 1st April (in real-time), a patch (Version 1.1.0a) will be rolled out to activate the event. In order to experience Easter, you'll need to make sure you've linked a Nintendo account.

Last, of all, this update adds support for the NookLink app. This service (located within the Nintendo Switch Online application) will launch on 20th March, at 13:00 JST. NookLink, as previously detailed, allows you to scan in patterns with QR Codes and communicate with friends via text and voice messaging.

You'll get the Animal Crossing Switch if you bought one in real life.

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