Tommy Nook
Image: TheFearlessWarrior

We all know that paying off Tom Nook's hefty loans can prove to be a challenging task, but some people are going too far in their attempts to dodge payments. And it needs to stop.

As spotted by GamesRadar+, there seems to be a worrying new trend popping up amongst Animal Crossing: New Horizons players at the moment. Several fans of the game have been posting screenshots to Reddit, showing poor Tommy - one of the adorable Nook twins - being held at ransom.

Alongside this criminal act, some players have posted messages to the island bulletin board or even walked right up to Tom Nook himself demanding that their loans be forgotten about, or else Tommy will remain trapped forever, or worse. Note: Some readers may find the following images distressing.

We must admit, part of us has been left impressed by their clever thinking and item positioning, but please, for everyone's sake, leave poor Tommy alone!

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