Animal Crossing New Horizons Toilet
Image: @earthtwojesse

Let us just quickly kickstart this article by saying that we can't believe we're writing this, either.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has introduced a number of great new features, with plenty of new tricks appearing over the last couple of days that weren't around in past games. Now, another new feature has arrived that trumps the lot of them: pooping.

You see, in New Horizons, a toilet isn't just another piece of decoration. While you've always been able to sit on your toilet in the games, just like you would a bench or a chair, the new game lets you actually use the toilet.

It goes beyond a simple flushing sound or animation, too. You see, should you have fruit energy left (the extra power you get after eating a piece of fruit), sitting on the toilet allows you to, erm, eject the remaining fruit energy from your, er... Well, watch this:

Here's another example where someone "made poop".

To the best of our knowledge, the only other way to reduce your fruit energy is to perform the tasks it's designed for - digging up trees and smashing rocks - so this is actually the best way to get rid of any extra, unwanted energy without messing up your island.

Did someone say Game of the Year?

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