Animal Crossing Wedding
Image: ashmush

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is without doubt one of the most wholesome games to grace the Nintendo Switch this year - even if it hasn't been for everyone - but this story tops pretty much everything we've seen so far.

With the ongoing coronavirus outbreak causing havoc among events around the world, including gatherings considered non-essential, the wedding of this story's star couple was sadly cancelled. Taking things into their own hands, one of them decided to team up with their best friends to set up and plan a surprise wedding within the game, complete with a romantic beach setting.

Speaking on Reddit, the lucky soul who was treated to this surprise do, ashmush, explains how it all happened:

My fiance planned it out with our best friends, Im graduating from med school and not getting a graduation and our wedding was cancelled. I was feeling pretty down about missing out on my milestones.

This made me so happy, I don't even have the words to describe how much it meant to me...

It took him like 2 hours to do it apparently....I think it means he's a keeper.

We're loving the attention to detail, such as the initials on the floor, the love hearts, and the flowers scattered around the scene. If you have friends who own a copy of the game, visiting each others' islands for a nice spot of socialising could be a great way to get through these troubling times - especially if you all have a wedding to attend.

Amazing stuff!

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