Splatoon was a pretty unique release when it first appeared on Wii U; it had all the hallmarks of a competitive online shooter but with one key difference – victory was about which team could colour most of the map, not how many people you 'splatted' out of the game.

Outside of an excellent sequel, we've not seen this concept exploited by many other games – until now, that is. Pooplers takes the notion of colouring in the map to win but adds an unexpected twist – the protagonists are babies and the coloured trails they leave in their wake are made from... well, poop.

Up to four players can compete in this game of poop-related domination, with power-ups helping them cover more of the arena. To mix things up a little, a dutiful mother patrols the map and will place your baby in its cot if she catches up with you – which gives you less time to colour in the map and claim victory.

The game offers a free-for-all mode as well as team-based games and will set you back $8.99 when it launches on March 20th. Will you be picking this over Animal Crossing: New Horizons? Let us know with a comment.