Remember that new "action game epic to follow Splatoon and Fortnite" which was hinted at in Japanese monthly CoroCoro comic? Well, GungHo Online Entertainment America has just premiered a new trailer for Ninjala, and it sure does sound a lot like the title that was hinted at.

Described as a "Ninja Gum action game", Ninjala will release worldwide on May 28 and features a 4v4 team mode with parkouring ninjas who dash up buildings and use bubble gum weapons.

It's an online game, as you might expect, but you won't need a Nintendo Switch Online sub to get involved as it's going to be free-to-play.

Kazuki Morishita, President & CEO of GOE, had this to say:

Ninjala is unlike anything we have ever created before. How many other games let you battle your opponents with bubble gum while running up buildings as a colorful ninja? We believe Switch players will really connect with Ninjala’s compelling online PvP experience and become the ninja they always knew they could be!

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