Langrisser I & II, a single package containing remakes of both RPG classics, is launching today on Nintendo Switch. NIS America has shared a launch trailer to mark the occasion.

Both of the two games featured have been entirely remastered with HD graphics, re-orchestrated music, and quality of life improvements. The trailer comes alongside some additional info if you need to catch up:

When the forces of darkness seek to extinguish life as we know it, the Descendants of Light will emerge and vanquish chaos with the legendary sword, Langrisser! Remade for modern consoles, Langrisser I & II brings new light to this legendary SRPG series.

About the Story:
Langrisser I: The forces of darkness are descending upon the Kingdom of Baldea. Take up your sword as Prince Ledin, and discover the evil that lies in the heart of the Dalsis Empire.

Langrisser II: The forces of darkness once again threaten the realm. Thrust in between warring factions, it is up to our hero Elwin to navigate this war and determine which path will bring peace to this conflict.

Key Features:

- A Blade Honed to Perfection: Experience two classic titles with new visuals, music, localization, a new character with new story choices, and switch between remastered and classic art!
- Legendary Legions: Expanded character options across two games allow you to command 33 playable characters and customise them with 50 unique classes.
- Forge Your Fate : Your greatest weapon is choice. Your decisions result in any one of 22 story endings and 560 character outcomes across both titles.

We'll have a review of the collection for you in due time, but until then, make sure to let us know if you're thinking of grabbing this one with a comment below.