Ring Fit Adventure

Nintendo's Switch workout game Ring Fit Adventure has just received a substantial update adding a new score-based rhythm game - featuring 17 music tracks - and a jogging mode where you can run non-stop.

If you're wondering what else this latest update contains, and if there are any hidden extras, Nintendo's now released the full patch notes for the game. Version 1.2.0 is definitely the biggest update the game has received since it was released last October.

Ver. 1.2.0 (Released March 25, 2020)

  • Overview
    • Adds Rhythm Game.
      • Access this on the right side of the title screen (second page).
    • Adds a new, feminine voice option for Ring. Also, Voice Language is now selectable.
      • In the settings for Voice Language, you can change the language used for Ring and the narration. The in-game text will remain in the language set in the system settings.
      • Settings can be changed anytime from Settings in My Menu. To open My Menu, go to Adventure or Custom and press the B Button.
    • Adds Tip Index.
      • The entrance is located to the right side of the title screen (second page).
  • Adventure
    • Adds the option in Fit Battles to complete the last exercise even after enemy HP reaches zero.
      • Select from Always complete the last exercise, Complete exercises that switch sides, and Don't complete exercises.
      • Change anytime under Fit Battles in My Menu’s Settings.
    • Adjusts the colors of text and background for the dialog window.
    • Revises certain mission clear conditions for Aerochute and Dreadmill.
    • Adds the credits playback option.
      • You can play it back from Staff Credits in My Menu’s Settings.
    • Fixes the bug in Fit Battles where some attacks do not hit the enemy.
    • Fixes the bug that miscalculates exercise time and repetitions in some exercises.
    • Fixes the bug that gives out some titles without the condition being satisfied.
      • This will not affect the titles already acquired.
  • Quick Play
    • Adds Jogging.
  • Custom
    • Adds Jogging and Rhythm Game to the Fitness List options.
    • Increases the number of savable Fitness Lists to 20.
  • Online Features
    • Fixes the bug of long update times for Everyone's Records.
      • However, update time may vary depending on the network or Nintendo Account settings.
    • Fixes the bug related to uploading scores for Quick Play’s Online Rankings.
  • Other Features
    • The gameplay has been improved by addressing a few additional bugs.

Have you downloaded Version 1.2.0 yet? Noticed anything else? Comment below.

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