Ever since the Switch arrived on the scene, a number of publishers have been releasing physical games with a code inside the box and not much else. If you're in it just for the case, that's fine, but it also means an internet connection is still required and when servers eventually go offline, there's no way to download the game.

Despite multiple publishers receiving scathing criticism for this practice, the trend seemingly continues. According to the UK online retailer ShopTo, the cover of the upcoming European physical release Goosebumps The Game displays a 'Download Code Only' warning. Squint and you might be able to see it below, else view the website directly.

Goosebumps The Game
Image: ShopTo

One of the higher-profile titles that was scheduled to receive this same treatment was Obsidian Entertainment's The Outer Worlds. Fortunately, when the game was delayed in February, the publisher Private Division changed its mind and said it would be releasing the physical version on a game cartridge.

ShopTo says the hard copy of Goosebumps The Game is due out next month on 10th April. The digital release is already available on the Switch eShop.

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