Like other countries worldwide, Japan is entering a period of lockdown at the moment to combat the spread of the coronavirus – and Amazon Japan is doing its part to help this effort.

Lots of Japanese residents are currently undergoing a period of self-isolation to prevent the virus from spreading, and that means staying indoors for many days at a time. To soften the blow, Amazon Japan has announced that until April 5th, anyone with an Amazon Japan account and the Prime Video app can watch a selection of Pokémon anime series for free.

The series on offer are Pokémon XY anime, Pokémon Sun & Moon anime, and the new Pokémon series.

The coronavirus has already had quite an impact on the world of gaming; The Pokémon Company has cancelled a bunch of events in Japan as well as the 2020 European International Championships, and Switch production has also been affected. This year's GDC has also been postponed due to the outbreak, although the organisers of E3 have stated that it is still taking place, at least for the time being.

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