The list of new and upcoming Metroidvania games grows once more, as Aeterna Noctis becomes the latest game of the genre to fight for your attention on Kickstarter.

Planned to launch on Switch in 2021 if successful, Aeterna: Noctis is a 2D non-linear platformer that promises an "affordable but challenging difficulty" and "clean and fluid gameplay". Indeed, the Kickstarter page notes that these two ideas form the basis of the entire project, with tight platforming and a system that perfectly responds to the player's actions being a main focus in development.

As with most Metroidvanias, you'll find plenty of areas to explore, player progression, different skills to unlock, and more. If you're interested in checking it out, you can read up on the game's story and mechanics on Kickstarter and pledge your support if you wish. It has 28 days to earn around 60,000€ to be successful.

If you're looking for other, similar projects to consider, we actually reported on another promising looking title called 9 Years Of Shadows just last week.

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