Temtem Starters

You might have heard about the indie hit Temtem. It's a game "inspired by" Game Freak's long-running Pokémon RPG series and wants to be the very best creature collection MMO on the market. While it's still yet to arrive on the Switch, the title recently launched on Steam. On its first day, its servers crumbled under the demand and since then it's been growing in popularity.

Now that it's been available for a few weeks, developer Crema Games has decided to unleash its first wave of bans. According to a recent tweet by the company, it's banned "almost" 900 players. Every user who was banned was "100%" confirmed as either a cheater or an individual who abused exploits intentionally.

Crema didn't leave it at that, either. In a series of follow-up tweets, it said wasn't done and would keep detecting and banning, as there's no place in the Archipelago for cheaters. The developer then reassured followers it had re-checked over 100 accounts and explained how "every single one" was a "legit" ban.

The remaining tweets informed players not to trust cheaters, as they apparently "just want to know more" about the bans, so they can avoid them in the future.

They will lie about everything in order to get more info and the minimal possibility of getting unbanned.

Not long after these tweets, Crema had a slight change of heart, saying it would review ban appeals – even though every single incident so far had been legitimate.

Like you said, having a "no appeal" policy is not good. So, you can contact us on [email protected]

Put "Ban appeal" as the subject and include your ingame ID or username.

Hopefully, by the time the game arrives on other platforms – including the Switch – the Spanish-based developer has worked out how to properly deal with cheaters. In saying this, 900 is a relatively small number of offenders when considering nearly 30,000 users logged into the game on the first day, and even more have purchased it since then.

Have you tried out Temtem yet? Are you anticipating its eventual Switch release? Tell us below.

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