There have been a lot of series that have tried to recreate the magic of the Pokémon games over the years. Temtem – a Kickstarter project by Crema that's raised over half a million dollars and is en route to the Switch and multiple other platforms – is the latest one to give it a shot.

Temtem describes itself as an MMO creature-collection "inspired by" Pokémon, and as you can probably see - it looks and sounds rather similar to Game Freak's iconic RPG series. The goal is to catch, battle and breed Temtem, take on other "tamers", join your friends to explore a "dynamic online world", and customise your house.

The core idea behind Temtem is to build a classic adventure game with a focus on the story campaign, but with online elements added around it (seeing other people online, interacting with them to battle, trade, or just to talk and share experiences).

A Temtem beta stress test comes to Steam Early Access on 21st January next year and promises 20 hours of gameplay, 76 Temtem to catch and battle, and three islands to explore. An official release will presumably follow at a later date.


And if you're wondering about the legalities of this project, here's what the Spanish-based developer had to say on the Kickstarter about Nintendo potentially blocking the game:

There is not a single indication that that’s going to happen. We’re already registered Nintendo developers, we have a game released on Switch (Immortal Redneck), and our relationship with them is good. We’re not using any patents or copyrights from any other company, everything in Temtem is made from scratch.

Also, there are a lot of games heavily inspired by Nintendo titles on Switch and DS — Brawlout (Super Smash Bros), Jump Ultimate Stars (Super Smash Bros), Wargroove (Advance Wars), Oceanhorn (Zelda), Blossom Tales (Zelda), Crystal Monsters (Pokémon)...

TPCI is known for their takedowns but they’ve only taken down games using their IP and designs and, like we said, we’re not using any of those. There are many creature-collection games (both fanmade and commercial) out there.

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