Starting later this month, Nintendo Switch Online subscribers in Japan will be able to check out and complete Dead Cells at no extra cost as part of a new offer.

The promotion is the latest in a new(ish) trend from Nintendo, where Online subscribers can play entire games for free for a limited time. Last month offered up Fire Emblem Warriors, and this time Dead Cells will be available from 24th February until 1st March.

It gets better still, because if you don't get around to finishing the game but enjoy what you do experience, you can then go ahead and buy the full thing to keep for 1736 yen, reduced from its usual price of 2580 yen. Very nice indeed.

If you're not from Japan but want to get in on this, there are workarounds - although it's not exactly straightforward. We made a guide on the topic for the Fire Emblem Warriors offer, and the same tricks will apply for Dead Cells when the promotion goes live.

In other Dead Cells news, pre-orders recently appeared for a high-end Prisoner's Edition release.