SpaceHuntedTheLostLevels Wii U

The good ol' Wii U is getting a brand new release this week, and if that's not exciting enough, it's even launching exclusively on the console. Who needs Switch anyway?

Space Hunted: The Lost Levels is the latest title headed our way from Ultra Dolphin Revolution, the indie dev which also brought Shadow Archer to Wii U towards the end of its life. You take on the role of Jade Hunter, an intergalactic treasure hunter whose ship has been shot down. You find yourself as an intruder on an alien planet - can you survive and escape?

The game presents new levels, obstacles, and dangers not present in the original Space Hunted, and essentially acts as a retelling of that game. Here's a feature list:

- Travel through 128 new levels!
- Avoid and defeat enemies to survive!
- Master brand new obstacles and items!
- Encounter new enemies and traps!
- Collect power ups to ensure your survival!

The game will launch on Wii U on 13th February for $3.99 / € 3.59. In a press release detailing the announcement, Ultra Dolphin Revolution says it's releasing on the Wii U "because we can". Why not?

We've actually seen several games arrive on the last-gen console just lately like a new N64-style platformer and a release on Christmas Day, and an ESRB rating also suggests that Shakedown: Hawaii will launch for it, too.

Do you think you might give this a try? Tell us below.