Soul Axiom is about to make its grand return on Nintendo Switch in the form of Soul Axiom Rebooted, an enhanced version of the game we first saw on Wii U.

This new version is planned for release on 27th February 2020 - so we don't have long to wait - and will also release on Steam. Publisher Wales Interactive has shared a list of the changes we can expect to see, as well as a list of features specific to the upcoming Switch version:

What’s New?

+ Localisation support
+ A new objective marker system
+ Major optimisations throughout
+ Improved checkpoint & save system
+ Reduced completion requirements
+ Enhanced dynamic lighting
+ Many QoL improvements
+ A reduced base price
+ Free artbook & soundtrack DLC (Steam)

Nintendo Switch Specific

+ Added motion controls
+ Added bonus levels that weren't available on Wii U
+ Added built-in achievements
+ Added a gallery for the artbook
+ Supports 720p undocked & 900p docked

We had mixed feelings on this first-person adventure puzzler when it appeared on Wii U, so hopefully these changes will be just what the doctor ordered. Feel free to check out our full review of that version to learn more - we'll leave a snippet for you below.

Soul Axiom has some strong points to make it potentially enticing for eShop enthusiasts; it works hard to deliver an interesting narrative, there are plenty of hours of play, and it's atmospheric and intriguing at times. There are downsides though, with performance and puzzle design often middling and sometimes poor, which both drag the experience back somewhat. Perhaps worth a punt - at a budget price - for fans of first-person puzzles, but Soul Axiom sadly doesn't deliver to its full potential.

Were you a fan of the original? Think you might pick it up for Switch? Tell us below.