Mario And Sonic

Sega Sammy's financial results are out, and the company has stated that sales of its console titles "went below expectation" during the third quarter period, which runs between October and December 2019.

During this time, Sega released Persona 5 Royal and Sakura Wars for the PlayStation 4 in Japan, and Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 for the Nintendo Switch globally. According to Japanese publication Famitsu, Persona 5 Royal had sold around 245,000 units and Sakura Wars 160,000 units by the close of December, but Sega has not revealed sales totals for Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020.

Revenue for consoles games grew by 26%, but, due to the increased costs involved, profits dipped by 43% compared year-on-year. Taking these figures into account, Sega is predicting a 34% increase in revenue but a 50% decrease in profit from its console games business for the financial year ending April 2020.

It's not all negative, however; while 6.94 million units of "new" games were sold in the nine months of the fiscal year, 12.39 million units of pre-existing games were shifted in the same period, and Sega has noted that its back catalogue of titles has surpassed its expectations this financial year.

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