Remember the Thong Song? Sure, you might have tried to erase that particular tune from your memory, but it was pretty huge back in 2000 (we can literally feel out bodies crumbling to dust as we type this).

What does this have to do with Nintendo, you ask? Well, SisQó – the 'talent' behind the aforementioned song – has only gone and backed The Wonderful 101: Remastered Kickstarter.

You might assume this was some kind of jape, but US Gamer has found that it's actually SisQó and not some joker pretending to be him – and has even spoken to the man himself about the game.

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Of course nobody believes it's me. They're like, 'That can't be him, is it really him?'

I wanted The Wonderful 101 on my Switch because I travel a lot for the touring I do. Given the fact that the Switch has the hybrid capability, the fact that it's got the touch screen, The Wonderful 101 would be a really cool port!

He's also keen to get some kind of cameo in the game:

I reached out to all my friends that I know in the gaming community, and hopefully we can reach out to Platinum. I don't care if it's just a palette swap!

What do you think SisQó's chances are of getting a cameo? More importantly, did you actually know who he was before reading this article? As ever, let us know below.