We all know that patience is a virtue, but we gamers are an impatient bunch, and while Pokémon and Animal Crossing fans have had it good with bespoke Direct broadcasts of their own, Switch owners awaiting 2020's first full-fat Nintendo Direct presentation have been left twiddling their thumbs throughout January and February. There's always a chance of an imminent announcement, but one fan decided to take matters into their own hands by making their own Direct on their Switch.

Posted on YouTube by BeardBear, this fanmade broadcast comes direct to you via Super Mario Maker 2's versatile level editor. It is pitch-perfect and best experienced without any prior knowledge, so check it out above before continuing...

Brilliant, no? Featuring all the sections we've become accustomed to, including an introduction from a Nintendo honcho, a Nindie highlight reel and the tantalising 'one more thing...', this Mario Maker 2 course is a sterling effort from ReallyJosh. We especially enjoyed the way it ties in music and finishes with a gut punch(line). Top work.

If you really want the full Direct experience you can download ReallyJosh's course using the Level ID 35C-B74-20H. We'll be watching it daily until the real thing turns up.

[source twinfinite.net, via youtube.com]