Feb2020 Events

February 2020 is shaping up to be one of Pokémon GO's busiest months ever with developer Niantic announcing a whole bunch of events across the month. Below we've rounded them all up in roughly chronological order (there's a lot of overlap!) so you don't miss out on catching 'em all.

Remember, this is all in addition to the Rhyhorn Community Day scheduled for Saturday 22nd February, so add that to your calendar, too! Niantic has also rolled out weekly Pokémon GO Spotlight Hours and Mystery Bonus Hours on Tuesday and Thursday evenings this month, so there's lots to keep track of.

Let's go!

Save Shadow Raikou from Giovanni - All February

  • Start: Now
  • Finish: End of February
  • Having completed the last round of Team GO Rocket Special Research, you'll be able to access 'A Professor's Work Is Never Done', February’s Team GO Rocket Special Research
  • Defeating the Team GO Rocket leaders and Giovanni again will give you a chance to rescue Raikou, the Legendary Shadow Pokémon
  • This will only be available until the end of the month, so it's time to get cracking if you want to add Shadow Raikou to your Pokédex

Pokémon GO February Research Breakthrough encounter: Woobat with bonus Woobat Candies - Saturday 1st February to Sunday 1st March

  • Start: Saturday 1st February 2020, 1:00pm PST (9pm GMT)
  • Finish: Sunday 1st March 2020, 1:00pm PST (9pm GMT)
  • Psychic- and Flying-type Woobat is available as Research Breakthrough encounters
  • This is the Unova Pokémon's debut in Pokémon GO and it comes with bonus Woobat Candies

Pokémon GO Sinnoh region celebration event - Friday 7th to Monday 10th February (Finished)

  • Start: Friday 7th February 2020, 8:00am local time
  • Finish: Monday 10th February 2020, 10:00pm local time
  • Pokémon originally discovered in the Sinnoh region will be appearing more often in the wild and in raids
  • All 7 km Eggs obtained during the event period will exclusively hatch certain Pokémon from the Sinnoh region, including Budew, Combee, Bronzor, Gible, Riolu, Hippopotas, and Mantyke
  • Event-specific Field Research tasks will reward encounters with Sinnoh Pokémon, in addition to Sinnoh Stones
  • Increased chance of encountering a Shiny Riolu or a Shiny Hippopotas

Tornadus comes to five-star raids - Tuesday 4th to Tuesday 25th February

  • Start: Tuesday 4th February 2020, 1:00pm PST (9pm GMT)
  • Finish: Tuesday 25th February 2020, 1:00pm PST (9pm GMT)
  • Flying-type Tornadus makes his Pokémon GO debut and will now appear in five-star raids
  • Weak against Electric-, Ice-, and Rock-type attacks

Pokémon GO Valentine’s Day Celebration 2020 - Friday 14th to Monday 17th February (Finished)

  • Start: Friday 14th February 2020, 8:00am local time
  • Finish: Monday 17th February 2020, 10:00pm local time
  • Pink Pokémon will be appearing more often in the wild, in raids, in Eggs, and as Field Research encounters
  • Audino and Alomomola will appear in Pokémon GO for the first time, although Niantic warns that their appearance will be rare
  • Regular Lure Modules will last six hours and you’ll receive a 2x Catch Candy bonus
  • A chance to encounter Shiny Happinys and Shiny Chanseys in the wild

Pokémon GO Valentine’s Raid Day - Saturday 15th February (Finished)

  • Start: Saturday 15th February 2020, 2:00pm local time
  • Finish: Saturday 15th February 2020, 5:00pm local time
  • Lickitung will be in four-star raids and know Body Slam
  • You can receive up to five additional Raid Passes at no cost during the event by spinning Photo Discs at Gyms
  • You cannot hold more than one of these Raid Passes at once, and they will not be available after the event ends

Pokémon GO Special friendship weekend event - Friday 21st to Monday 24th February (Finished)

  • Start: Friday 21st February 2020, 8:00am local time
  • Finish: Monday 24th February 2020, 10:00pm local time
  • For the duration of the event gain the following exclusive bonuses:
  • Friendship levels will increase faster
  • 2x Trade Candy
  • 1/2 Trade Stardust cost
  • The number of Gifts you can open daily will increase to 40
  • The number of Gifts you can carry in your inventory will increase to 20

Pokémon Day celebration event - Tuesday 25th February to Monday 2nd March

  • Start: Tuesday 25th February 2020, 1:00pm PST (9pm GMT)
  • Finish: Monday 2nd March 2020, 1:00pm PST (9pm GMT)
  • Pikachu and Eevee will appear in the wild wearing party hats
  • Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle wearing party hats will be hatching from 7km eggs with a possibility of a Shiny
  • Armored Mewtwo returns to raids with the special Charged Attack Psystrike
  • Special Clone Pokémon, including Venusaur, Charizard, and Blastoise, will appear in four-star raids. Clone Pikachu might appear in your photo if you use GO Snapshot, with a chance to catch it

Blimey! That's all for now, although Niantic warns that there are even more surprises coming this month, so keep an eye on this guide and we'll update as more information becomes available.

[source pokemongolive.com]