If you're a fan of deck-builders, roguelikes, real-time strategy or bullet hell action, there's a game for you on its way to Switch soon. Going by the name of One Step From Eden, it looks to combine strategy with frantic real-time action and it's dropping on Switch eShop on 26th March.

Ticking off genre buzzwords like a marketer's dream, the game originated as a Kickstarter project looking to recapture the spirit of Mega Man Battle Network and hit a $60,000 stretch goal to fund a Switch version. Over the past couple of years it has generated positive responses from various indie game shows and it's certainly action-packed if the trailer above is anything to go by. Self-described as a 'a blend of bullet hell action and card game strategy', you'll be crafting decks from a selection of over 200 spells and chaining together combos in battles against multiple enemies and bosses as you make your way to the eponymous Eden.

The main design and development of One Step From Eden appears to be primarily the work of Thomas Moon Kang, although three other people are listed on the game's Kickstarter page, two of whom are composers. Here are some of the features highlighted in the official press kit blurb:

- 9+ Playable characters and Bosses
- 40+ Unique evolving enemies
- Deckbuilding with 200+ spells
- 100+ strategy changing items
- Procedurally generated worlds and battles
- Life or death choices and alternate endings
- Local co-op and PvP

With local co-op and a lovely pixel art look, Switch would seem to be an ideal platform (although it's also coming to Steam). For anyone pining for Mega Man Battle Network, this looks like a fun modern take on the concept with its own twist, and could be worth checking out more closely when it launches at the end of March.

Ah, if only it was also an open-world, f2p Battle Royale as well, eh? Now that would tick ALL the boxes! Like the look of the trailer above? Feel free to share your thoughts below.