A while ago, data miners and other whizzy-types found options in the Switch version of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Complete Edition, and were surprised with how much of the blurriness was able to be removed with little to no effort.

Well now with the latest 3.6 update us lowly non-hacking types are able to do just the same, and with the right selection of options the results can be absolutely wonderful. It really helps to see it in motion which is why we've gone and done a video about it, but if you're at work or on the loo you're probably looking for a less noise-riddled option, which we've also kindly provided:

Depending on the device you're using the differences may appear slight, but get a really good look at them and you'll see just what a fantastic job the people at Saber Interactive and CD PROJEKT RED have done.

We encourage you to play around with the settings in the Post-Processing menu to find whatever works best for you, but if you're just interested in replicating what we've got here, here's what we landed on:

Motion Blur: OFF
Blur: OFF
Bloom: OFF
Sharpening: HIGH
Depth of Field: ON
Cutscene Depth of Field: ON
Light Shafts: ON
Underwater Effects: ON
Foliage Visibility Range: HIGH
Anti-Aliasing: ON

Do you prefer all this crispy goodness, or are you more of a blurry-eyed aficionado? Let us know in the bit below this text that says 'Comments'.