Fire Emblem Three Houses

Fire Emblem has gone from down-and-out strategy series to one of Nintendo's crown jewels, and its recent surge in popularity has predictably had a positive impact on its creator, Intelligent Systems.

Prior to the launch of Fire Emblem: Awakening and Fire Emblem Fates on the 3DS – the former of which is credited with restoring the gaming public's interest in the series – the Japanese studio employed 130 people. As of January 2020, that figure has swelled to 169 staff – the highest level it has ever been at the company.

Of that total, 68 people are employed as graphic designers, while 63 are programmers. 14 are listed as 'planners' (the Japanese term for designers), while 10 are working in 'sound creation'. Hardware engineers total 4, and admin staff – including accounting and sales – amount to 10 people.

It's interesting to note that this growth in staff has also resulted in a rise in the number of female employees at Intelligent Systems. Since 2018, 31 percent of the total staff are listed as female.

Intelligent Systems Staff
Image: Siliconera

More staff naturally means more cost, but thankfully Intelligent Systems' capital has risen accordingly, so that's not a massive issue. Back in 2011, the company's capital was listed as 23.9 million Yen. Fast forward to 2017, and that figure rose to 90 million Yen. We'd assume, given the success of Fire Emblem: Three Houses and the enduring popularity of Fire Emblem Heroes, the figures will continue to head in the right direction in 2020.

So, when are we getting that Advance Wars sequel?