Recently announced title Alien Hominid Invasion has been confirmed for Switch by developer and publisher The Behemoth. Described as a 're-imagination' of the 2004 original, it was revealed at the end of January, and while it seemed obvious that the game would come to Switch - especially given last year's release of Castle Crashers Remastered - it has now been confirmed alongside Steam and Xbox One versions (although it's apparently skipping PS4).

The announcement of platforms comes with a new gameplay trailer (above), although we're still a little hazy on exactly how much this is a remake and how much is totally new; there's a lot of wiggle room in 're-imagination'! The trailer above certainly looks to retain the explosive and frantic energy of the original game from the GameCube days.

In the accompanying press release art director and co-founder of The Behemoth Dan Paladin describes the game as “a whole new approach to our flagship title from 16 years ago, using everything we've learned along the way! While the game will be familiar in some ways, it is very new and different in others." Here's a list of the features highlighted by the devs:

• Up to 4-player local and online co-op
• Determine your own gameplay path with a non-linear level experience
• Invade randomly-assembled neighborhoods built from hundreds of hand-crafted city blocks
• Master movement with Alien acrobatics including flipping, diving, tossing your enemies, and more
• Unlock and equip tons of unique weapons, boosts, and cosmetics
• Level up and mutate your Alien to utilize new mechanics like super speed, healing, and flight!
• Three difficulty levels: Friendly, Normal, and INSANE
• Fully animated cutscenes

We have fond memories of the original and 4-player local co-op is a great fit for Switch. There's no news on pricing or a release date just yet, although The Behemoth's wording suggests it might be a while (our emphasis below):

The co-op run ‘n’ gun is a re-imagination of the original Alien Hominid and will eventually make its way to Steam, Nintendo Switch®, and Xbox One.

Whenever this turns up on Switch, we'll be ready for it. Let us know your thoughts and recollections of the original by taking a trip into the nether-realm of the comment section.