Tamagotchi Pac-Man

This year is the 40th anniversary of Pac-Man. He's already got his own special music video to celebrate the occasion and now to kick-off the year-long event, he's teamed up with Tamagotchi to bring "Tama-Lovers" a whole new virtual pet experience.

In addition to a Tamagotchi pet, this one also stars Pac-Man and includes some iconic features from the long-running game series. The device will go on pre-sale next month on 5th February and will appear in-store on 15th March. Like a regular Tamagotchi, it's perfect for on-the-go-entertainment and can easily fit into pockets or bags. There's also a wearable keychain.

Here's some more information about the Pac-Man version of Tamagotchi:

  • Raise and nurture your Tamagotchi character with the help of PAC-MAN
  • PAC-MAN will save your Tamagotchi character from the ghosts and bugs
  • Feed your Tamagotchi rice or PAC-MAN’s favorite, cherries
  • Raise your Tamagotchi character from egg to baby to adult
  • 7 adults included, which is determined by how you take care of your PAC-MAN Tamagotchi character
  • Two fun mini-games: play the Pac Game and the Catch Game!
  • Two different shell styles to choose from
  • Two PAC-MAN mazes to choose from; yellow and black
  • Age grade: 8+
  • Battery (LR44) included
  • No WiFi needed

If you missed it, earlier this month the Belgian fashion brand Kipling announced a new range of merchandise celebrating Pac-Man's 40th anniversary. The lineup includes both women’s and men’s accessories, with backpacks, suitcases, totes, waistpacks, pouches and more on offer.

Is this the virtual pet you've been waiting for? Tell us below.

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