You might recall how WayForward - best known for the Shantae series - announced a new action title exclusively for the Nintendo Switch last August. It's called Vitamin Connection and allows up to two players to enter a microscopic world as Vita-Boy and Mina-Girl, as they guide a minuscule Capsule Ship into battle against evil bacteria living within organisms.

WayForward has now shared its very first trailer of the game, and it introduces us to the Sable family and their pet dog. Of course, it's your job to protect this family and keep them as healthy as possible. There are even some "wacky and wild" sub-games to enjoy on the side.

Vitamin Connection will be available for physical pre-order from Limited Run Games next week on 17th January (see above) and the game will be available to download from the Switch eShop on 20th February. For more details about this upcoming release, be sure to check out our previous post.

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