Warframe's Empyrean update, which was initially showcased during TennoCon last summer, is now live for all players who own the game on Nintendo Switch.

This new update allows you to team up with your very own squad, build a battleship, and rocket into space to fight in four-player ship-to-ship battles. The update went live for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One players last month, but Switch owners have been compensated for this lost time with a 7-Day Credit booster thrown in for good measure to help get up to speed.

If you've missed all the excitement so far, here's the official word on Empyrean:

In this foundational update for Warframe’s space combat, work together to assault the Grineer above Earth, Saturn and at the edges of the Origin System. More factions and locations will come online in future updates.

Reminder: This phase of Empyrean is designed and optimized as a cooperative experience. Solo players will still be able to enjoy Empyrean, but the difficulty and progression is balanced around full crews. 2020 will bring enhanced Solo capabilities with Empyrean!

WF Railjack Skin

You can learn even more about the new Empyrean update at the official website.

Ready to dive in? Let us know if you're a keen Warframe player with a comment below.

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