Last month, Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath HD was revealed for the Nintendo Switch during the Indie World Showcase.

In the latest update, the game's developer has now announced a co-publishing deal with the French publisher Microids to bring a total of three classic Oddworld titles to the Nintendo Switch this year. The first one is obviously Stanger's Wrath HD and it will be arriving digitally on 23rd January.

This will follow with a standard and limited edition retail release of this game in the first quarter of 2020 featuring some exclusive collectibles.

The other two "classic" games haven't been revealed yet, but we do have a comment from the Microids' CEO to share:

These three games will fit quite nicely in our catalog where retro gaming has a prominent place. These games captivated an entire generation of gamers

Alongside this announcement was a new trailer for the Switch release of Stranger's Wrath HD (see above).

What do you think the other Oddworld titles might be? Share your thoughts below.