We're used to seeing Japan get all the cool stuff - like adorable Kirby Cafes and amazing Pokémon stores - but sometimes even the country's public transport gets in on the action.

The video above, shared by Japan's national rail service, shows off the 'Pokémon With You' train which travels between Ichinoseki Station and Kesennuma Station. It was originally launched in 2012 in the hopes of bringing happiness to those who had been affected by the Tohoku region earthquake and tsunami in March 2011, and was then updated in 2017.

It doesn't operate all year round, but offers an experience unlike anything you'd see on your regular train service. Designed mostly with children in mind, the Pokémon With You train is full of Pikachu artwork, plush, and everything in between. There are two carriages to choose from: the 'Communication' carriage for parents to relax in, and the 'Playroom' carriage for kids to play around in.

We're quite lucky we don't live in Japan really - we'd never have enough money or time to experience all of these amazing places and activities.

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