Pokemon Sword Shield

With 2019 well and truly out of the way, it's time to look back at the best-selling games of the year in Nintendo's home country of Japan.

The following list comes from Famitsu's estimated sales tracking data. As you can see, Pokémon Sword and Shield romped home to victory with a whopping 2,988,134 estimated sales. The games achieved this tremendous feat despite only launching in mid-November, selling nearly three million copies in Japan in that time.

Nine of the top ten positions are actually held by Nintendo Switch titles, with Kingdom Hearts III being the sole PS4 game to make the list. The closest challenger to Pokémon was Super Smash Bros. Ultimate which remains the best-selling Switch game of all time in Japan so far - if Pokémon's recent success in Japan continues, however, we imagine that title might be lost fairly soon.

Here's the top ten (thanks, MCV):

Ranking Platform Title Publisher Release Date Copies Sold/Year
Copies Sold
1 Switch Pokémon Sword and Shield The Pokémon Company 11/15/19 2,988,134 2,988,134
2 Switch Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Nintendo 12/7/18 1,092,397 3,453,052
3 PS4 Kingdom Hearts III Square Enix 1/25/19 861,226 861,226
4 Switch Super Mario Maker 2 Nintendo 6/28/19 800,504 800,504
5 Switch New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe Nintendo 1/11/19 747,589 747,589
6 Switch Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Nintendo 4/28/17 628,712 2,659,009
7 Switch Minecraft Microsoft Japan 6/21/18 620,894 1,145,939
8 Switch Luigi’s Mansion 3 Nintendo 10/31/19 505,998 505,998
9 Switch Super Mario Party Nintendo 10/5/18 498,857 1,263,710
10 Switch Ring Fit Adventure Nintendo 10/18/19 495,639 495,639

The Nintendo Switch family of systems had an impressive year on the hardware side of things, too. Combined, the Switch and Switch Lite's 2019 performances saw the system's sales rise by 29% - a direct contrast to the PS4 family of systems' 29% fall.

A very good year indeed, then!