Update - Tue 14th Jan, 2020 03:30 GMT: USJ has revealed a new promotional trailer for the park in the form of the music video 'We Are Born To Play' by Galantis ft. Charli XCX.

The video has been shared on the official Nintendo YouTube channels in both Japan and North America and shows off the Switch, and the Super Mario World and Super Mario Kart themes

Apart from this, there's a brief glimpse of the wristband at the very end of the clip, that will connect with a phone app and will apparently "redefine" theme parks. Here's some more information about it from Bloomberg reporter, Kurumi Mori:

Original Story - Mon 13th Jan, 2020 15:00 GMT: Super Nintendo World may well be one step closer to opening its magical doors, as an official announcement has just been teased by Universal Studios Japan.

According to the tweet shared below (with translation provided by Japanese Nintendo), news on the theme park will be shared on 13th January at 7pm PT - so that's 10pm Eastern, and 3am/4am the following morning for the UK and Europe. The announcement came alongside an image showcasing a logo for the park.

Now we're fully aware that this is an announcement of an announcement (groan), but it could well be worth keeping an eye out for this at the time mentioned above. Nothing's confirmed yet, of course, but we imagine we may well be hearing about the park's official opening date or even perhaps be treated to a quick look around the park itself. We'll make sure to share any worthwhile news as it appears.

In recent months, we've heard about a wristband that is set to "redefine what a park experience is like" and even seen leaked images of the park's construction. The theme park is located at Universal Studios, Japan.

Excited for this? Are you hoping to take a trip to Japan one day to experience the park for yourself? We wouldn't mind tagging along if you do!

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