If you like your games on the weird and wacky side of things, you're probably going to love Speaking Simulator when it arrives on Switch later this month.

You'll be playing as a robot who has been built to blend in with humans, learning what it takes to walk and talk like a living person in a variety of social activities. You'll start off with "simple" things like first dates and job interviews (to be fair, we'd be nervous wrecks at both of those in real life), but eventually you'll be taking on dreaded activities like wedding toasts and eulogies. Our socially awkward brains are shaking at the very thought of such a thing.

The problem is, it's frustratingly difficult to pass as a human when your tongue is piston-powered and keeps knocking out your teeth. Taking too long between words or misplacing your tongue will also cause your face to explode, which will no doubt cause the odd bit of suspicion in the minds of your human peers.

In terms of the actual gameplay involved here, you'll need to simultaneously move your tongue and lips, both of which are intentionally hard to control. You'll be chasing highscores in each level and unlocking new upgrades, or you can just chill out in the 'Self Expression Mode' where humans and robots can all get along, no-strings-attached.

The game launches on Switch on 30th January, and it might just turn out to be the most bonkers title available on the eShop.