Nintendo Kyoto
Not pictured: Nintendo's new Tokyo office

Towards the end of Nintendo's most recent financial results briefing, president Shuntaro Furukawa touched on two matters linked to the current company operations in Tokyo, Japan.

The Nintendo group within this location is divided across four separate offices, which is apparently "inconvenient" in terms of operational efficiency. To help improve the overall performance, Furukawa revealed how these existing locations would be consolidated into a single office located within Kanda-Nishikicho in Chiyoda Ward.

Currently, our group is divided among four offices in Tokyo for operations including development. This separation of locations is inconvenient in terms of operational efficiency, and for that and other reasons these locations will be consolidated into a single office together with a part of our group companies to create a system that can boost operational efficiency. The new Tokyo office will be located in Kanda-Nishikicho in Chiyoda Ward, and preparations are being made for the move.

Nintendo will also be making a change to its corporate governance system, which it hopes will increase the objectivity and transparency in the nomination and compensation process of Directors. Below is the full rundown from Furukawa:

The second point I would like to mention is a change made to our corporate governance system, which we announced yesterday. We have established a Nomination Advisory Committee to serve as an advisory body to the Board of Directors for deliberation on matters of nomination and compensation, such as the election of Directors. It was created with the aim of increasing objectivity and transparency in the nomination and compensation process of Directors. The Committee’s principal membership will be made up of Outside Directors and an Outside Director will also serve as the chairperson. We will continue to work toward further enhancing our corporate governance system.

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