Image: Nintendo Life

At the end of last year, the French consumer's association called out Nintendo as one of the worst companies of 2019 and labelled the Switch the most fragile product of the year. The main issue it had with Nintendo's hardware was apparently linked to Joy-Con drift. All up, it wasn't a good look for the Japanese company or its hybrid system.

Now, quite possibly as a result of this, Nintendo has reportedly improved the situation within this area (thanks, GoNintendo). Speaking to Le Monde this week, Nintendo France's Phillippe Lavoue said although the number of cases was extremely low, Switch owners located in France who had faulty Joy-Con would now be able to get their controllers repaired or replaced, even after the commercial warranty had expired.

Nintendo has previously said it is "aware" of these types of reports and has informed anyone experiencing issues to visit its support page. Like France, some other parts of the world offer replacements and fixes. Back in November last year, Nintendo of America's President Doug Bowser also encouraged any Switch owners having troubles to contact Nintendo's customer support group to ensure they could get back to gaming as soon as possible.