Whether you're a fan of the franchise or not, it was almost impossible to avoid hearing or reading about 'Dexit' last year, the fan-made term for Game Freak's decision to cut certain Pokémon from Pokémon Sword and Shield's roster.

The decision split those most heavily invested almost as well as the political mess that the 'Dexit' name is based upon, with plenty of fans taking to social media to share their feelings on the matter. Those who weren't keen on the change were arguably the most vocal, making it seem like the decision was perhaps disliked by most, but competitive players are now saying that the change is good.

VG247 has shared a new report on the current conversations taking place within the competitive Pokémon community, and it's here that we see praise - or perhaps, relief - being placed upon the cut. It's actually the new in-game Dynamax mechanic that's causing the bigger headache for players at the moment, but talk of this feature almost serving as this generation's 'gimmick' has led onto the National Dex fiasco.

"Other generations have been fine without a gimmick, and Generation 8 already has an identity with the massive Pokémon/Movepool cuts that ‘Dexit’ gave us," Smogon moderator Sage tells VG247. She goes on to say that having the full National Dex 'would be even worse', and that if characters such as Landorus and Kartana were present and able to Dynamax, things would be troublesome.

Dynamax Pokémon get a significant boost of power in battle
Dynamax Pokémon get a significant boost of power in battle

2018 Fort Wayne Regional Championship winner Alex Underhill said, "The National Dex restriction is part of what is making VGC balanced as it is. It is allowing certain Pokémon that never saw the light of day to shine now, like Butterfree." Indeed, despite fan-site Smogon's recent ban on Dynamaxing in its own competitions, the general consensus seems to suggest that any arguments for Dynamaxing being balanced are helped by the cut, with less Pokémon being available that could abuse its power.

Have you come to terms with the reduced Dex? Were you never really bothered in the first place? Feel free to share your thoughts below.

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