Originally announced way back in August 2017 for an early 2018 release, publisher Annapurna Interactive has confirmed via a tweet that the long awaited Kentucky Route Zero: TV Edition is finally arriving on Switch on 28th January.

Containing all five episodes of the point-and-click adventure, the TV Edition was dependant on the completion of the fifth and final act. While it seems to have taken a little longer than anticipated, the wait is finally over and we'll soon have the chance to play the entire game through on Switch (and other consoles).

The console version includes all five Acts, plus the Interludes that developer Cardboard Computer released in between the main instalments. Combining elements of magical realism with striking visuals and writing, the game follows the journey of truck driver Conway was he travels Route Zero making a delivery and meeting strange folk along the way. The first two episodes released in relatively quick succession back in 2013, followed by another in 2014 and the fourth in 2016.

With Act V apparently concluding Conroy's adventure, it's been a long journey for fans who were there at the beginning, but the plaudits the game has collected along the way suggest the wait will be worth it on console. We'll be reviewing the game when it's finally ready, so keep an eye out for our verdict at the end of the month.


Have you played Kentucky Route Zero on PC at any point over the past 7 years? Let us know what we can look forward to and if you're planning on picking up the Switch version below.

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