Image: Designs by JackofHearts-odb / cutestkaiju

The award for biggest and most anticipated Nintendo Switch game on the horizon (get it?) probably has to go to Animal Crossing: New Horizons. It's been a while since fans of the franchise have had a brand new core series game to enjoy, and excitement for the new title is running high.

It's running so high, in fact, that a surprising number of folk out there are designing their very own Nintendo Switch Lite consoles, no doubt hoping they'll either pop out of the screen as a real product or that Nintendo itself will gobble up their ideas. Or perhaps that's just our wishful thinking?

Either way, we've rounded up some of our favourite fanmade designs below. You never know, Nintendo might be reading...

We like the different colours on either side, just like the official Pokémon Switch Lite.

Image: Speady99

A little optimistic, perhaps, but imagine having a console for every season?

Image: Saraify

A design that reminds us of the official Animal Crossing 2DS XL.

Image: JackofHearts-odb

This is just gorgeous.

Image: cutestkaiju

A set of four designs now - the white one with purple icons is our favourite.

A smarter looking design, but just as lovely.

Image: @itsVanAken

And finally, super-bright colours everywhere. We like it.

Image: polytrigon

Are you a fan of any of these designs? Would you like Nintendo to reveal an official Animal Crossing Switch console? Will one be announced in the next Nintendo Direct? Place your bets below.