For a while now, a number of third-party developers and publishers have been making easy money by re-releasing and porting select games to Nintendo's hybrid platform. One of the biggest companies that's held off, though, is Electronic Arts. So far, it has published some watered-down FIFA experiences and a game from its Originals line on the Switch.

In the company's latest conference call for its Q3 2020 quarterly report, COO Blake Jorgensen said EA has more plans for the Switch and was "always" talking to Nintendo about what else it could bring to the system. At the same time, it's conscious of "the fact" the best-selling software on the system is first-party and uses this information to help measure the "realities" of how big its market can be.

as the platform grows, our interest in adding content grows for that platform

But we're also conscious of the fact that the top selling titles, by a long shot, are all Nintendo software. Which is fabulous software, but it helps us balance the realities of how big our markets could be there. But trust that we're looking at that, you will hear more things in the future about what we're putting on the platform.

This isn't the first-time an EA representative has said something along these lines. Back in August last year, Chief studios officer Laura Miele spoke about how EA was looking to bring more of its successful games to the Switch. Company CEO Andrew Wilson has also previously stated how Switch owners choose to play EA games on other platforms.

Would you like to see EA show more support for the Switch? Are there any games from its extensive library you'd be interested in playing on Nintendo's latest generation of hardware? Share your thoughts below.