Less than a month ago, EA CEO Andrew Wilson said Switch owners chose to play the company's games on other platforms when asked about the possibility of The Sims coming to Nintendo's system.

Unsurprisingly, this didn't go down well with owners of hybrid device. In an attempt to improve relations, EA's chief studios officer, Laura Miele, has now spoken about the company's investment in the Switch, within the latest issue of Game Informer:

We invested with FIFA. We had good success there. I love that we have such a great global reach and global presence on that platform with that game. We are absolutely looking at more Switch games in our portfolio, so more to come on that. We’re not going to announce anything as of yet. But it is absolutely a platform we’re looking at for some of our more successful games.

So, according to Miele, not all hope is lost. The Switch is "absolutely" a platform it wants to release more of its successful games on.

Back in May, EA launched its best-hits on Switch. While it's limited to FIFA 19, perhaps it has plans to make a more extensive line more widely available in the future. And even earlier this year, in March, the global video game powerhouse released Unravel Two on the Switch under the EA Originals line.

Apart from annual watered-down FIFA games, do expect to see EA release more of its library on the Switch in the future? What would you like to see it publish on Switch? Tell us down below.