Even the very mention of EA can cause an almost unrivalled amount of disgruntlement in our comment sections; the publisher often finds itself being slated by Nintendo fans for its lack of commitment to Switch and earlier platforms, and it doesn't help that when games do arrive on the console, they're often a smaller, watered-down version of the full meal on rival systems.

EA's site currently lists just four games for the console, and the upcoming FIFA 20 will be a 'Legacy Edition' release, meaning that it won't contain any of the new features found across other platforms. Company CEO, Andrew Wilson, has explained the reasoning behind this lack of support for Switch; his response comes from a question which asked about the possibility of The Sims arriving on Nintendo's machine in the future:

“Any time we’re evaluating platform conversations we’re really looking at a couple of things. One, does the game really fit that platform in terms of the controls or the community ecosystem. Two, do we think the community playing on that platform would appreciate the game to go there, or would they prefer to play it somewhere else?

"We have a lot of data that would suggest that a great many Switch owners also own a PlayStation 4 or an Xbox One, or a PC, and very often choose to play the games that we make on those platforms even though they have a Switch and they enjoy a lot of great content on the Switch."

As you can see, Wilson says that the company's data would suggest Switch owners prefer to play EA games on other consoles, presumably giving them more of a reason to avoid Switch altogether. It's a frustrating response and an even more frustrating situation, though; if games aren't released in a high-quality state on Switch, of course fans will choose other versions, and this then drives EA further away from Switch going forward. It would seem the whole situation is in a never-ending cycle.

What are your thoughts on the situation? Do you choose to play EA games on other platforms, rather than your Switch? Would you be more likely to buy those games on Switch if they were equal to their counterparts? Share your thoughts with us below.

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