Update: Netflix has confirmed that Dragon Quest: Your Story will arrive on February 13th 2020. Better add it to your wish list now.

Original Story: The CGI movie Dragon Quest: Your Story looks set for a Netflix release in the West, following its initial launch in Japan in August of last year.

Based on Dragon Quest V, which originally launched on the Super Famicom and would later be remastered for the Nintendo DS, the movie stars the hero Lucas as he tries to follow in his father’s footsteps and liberate his mother from evil Ladja. His only hope is locating the "heavenly hero" who wields the Zenithian sword. Sounds like a hoot, and the trailers released so far are pretty amazing.

A listing for the movie has appeared on Netflix in the U.S., Mexico and Australia, but there's no release date as yet. The film is being marketed as a Netflix original, which could suggest that the streaming giant has invested in localising it for audiences outside of Japan. It's therefore likely that it will be exclusive to Netflix when it eventually arrives.

A movie based on one of Japan's most beloved RPGs might seem like a sure thing (although we all thought that about Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within), but Dragon Quest: Your Story has had a bit of a bumpy ride since its release in Japan.

In December of last year, Dragon Quest V novelist Saori Kumi filed a lawsuit against the producers of the film, claiming that the names she created were being used without her permission. Some fans also took issue at the fact that voice actors weren't used for the characters, and – in a manner more typical in the West – famous professional 'live-action' actors were employed instead. The fact that the film also ignores Akira Toriyama's trademark look also upset some.

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