Last summer, Switch owners were treated to two particularly intriguing Nintendo-published exclusives - PlatinumGames' Astral Chain and Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order from Koei Tecmo. It has now been confirmed that, as of December 2019, both games have managed to surpass one million sales.

Astral Chain has sold 1.03 million copies, while Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 is just behind with 1.02 million copies sold; both figures include physical and digital sales. Earlier this month, Astral Chain's director Takahisa Taura revealed that the game had "sold above expectations", so perhaps this news was to be expected for Platinum's release.

Earlier today, Nintendo released an updated list of its top ten best-selling games on Switch. The games featured there have naturally amassed an even greater number of sales than the two mentioned here, resulting in some very impressive totals indeed.

Did you buy Astral Chain or Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 last year? Did you enjoy your time with them? Let us know if you think they deserve their success with a comment below.