Nintendo Switch

Later this year, Microsoft and Sony are expected to launch their next-generation of video game hardware.

It has raised questions about the future of the Nintendo Switch and while many analysts still believe it will be the best-selling system of 2020, there are some concerns about developers moving onto bigger and better projects.

There's no need to worry, though. GDC recently conducted its annual 'State of the Game' Industry survey featuring 4,000 developers. According to the data, 37% of developers are "interested" in developing for the Switch. In contrast, 38% of developers want to develop titles for the PlayStation 5, and just 25% are keen to make games for the Xbox Series X.

The survey also revealed how 17% of developers said their current project would be released on the Switch, and 19% of them are planning on releasing a future game on the system. In contrast, 11% of developers said they were currently developing games for the PS5 and 9% were working on games for the new Xbox.

GDC found the PC was the most popular of the lot – with over 50% of surveyed developers saying their previous and future projects were developed for this particular platform.

Just last week, the Switch port specialist Engine Games said Nintendo's hybrid system would continue "to do well" despite the arrival of next-generation hardware, as it exists in its own dimension.

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