At this year's Game Awards, we got a look at an extended cut of the upcoming Switch exclusive, No More Heroes 3. Thankfully, it's still on track for a 2020 release. The clip caught a lot of viewers off-guard when it was first shown because as you can see above, the beam wielding assassin Travis Touchdown doesn't make an appearance until the very end.

The story this time is about the "all-American No. 1 ranked assassin" facing off against "super hardcore enemies" from space. In the new video, we're introduced to 'Fu', an individual from space who is out to destroy one planet at a time with a crew of alien buddies.

Last month, Suda51 said the third entry was about 35 to 40 percent complete. He also mentioned how it would be an open-world title once again, but informed players not to expect too much in terms of scale, because Grasshopper is only a "medium-sized" studio.

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