Rabbids China

Earlier this year in July, Ubisoft lifted the lid on a brand new Rabbids game for the Switch that looked similar to Nintendo's Mario Party series. In case you forgot, it's known as Rabbids: Adventure Party and was created by Ubisoft Chengdu. Interestingly, it's also a Chinese exclusive.

During the official Chinese Switch unveil today, Ubisoft released a new trailer showing off its initial line-up of games for the Switch in the country. These titles include Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, Just Dance, Rayman Legends and the exclusive, Rabbids: Adventure Party.

In the latest promotional clip, you can get a better look at the entire line-up:

Rabbids: Adventure Party is said to be inspired by Journey to the West, which is a classic piece of Chinese literature. Previous reports also stated how the game was part of Ubisoft's "mission" to create "unique" experiences for the Chinese market – meaning it might not necessarily be localised.

What are your thoughts about Ubisoft's Switch launch line-up for China? Would you like to see the Rabbids party game released here in the west? Comment down below.

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