If you've been keeping an eye on our lovingly-crafted site recently, you'll have spotted that Nintendo Australia shared an ASMR video of someone building a Nintendo Labo fishing rod yesterday. Now, things are getting even weirder still, with this 30-minute Nintendo of America video of someone playing a Switch Lite in front of a fireplace.

We're not sure what's going on within Nintendo's marketing teams, but the days of loud, flashy trailers seem to have been put aside in favour of soft, delicate, ASMR recordings. To shake things up a bit, the gameplay is sometimes broken up by the odd shot of a Christmas tree, the hoot of an owl outside, or the star of the video making a sandwich. OK then.

Perhaps we're just old and boring, but what on Earth is going on here? Are you more than happy to sit and watch 30 minutes of gameplay/fireplace action? It is relaxing, we suppose.

Let us know in the usual place below.