In what appears to be part of a continued effort to attract the popping, scratching, and whispering-loving corner of YouTube's audience, Nintendo has shared a brand new ASMR video, this time using the sumptuous sounds only cardboard can provide.

From opening the box and popping out all the pieces to folding everything down for a snug fit, there are all manner of Nintendo Labo-based sounds to indulge in here. Nintendo invites you to "soothe your holiday havoc and reel in some relaxation, with the [video's] satisfying sounds", although the scratching of the cardboard goes right through us, to be honest. Hopefully it's more your cup of tea.

If you want more, check out Nintendo's ASMR efforts for Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Maker 2. To be fair, seeing this video has made us want to break out our old Labo kits - perhaps Nintendo's onto something?

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