Update (Tue 24th December): Today's free game is Space Pioneer! Full details on how to claim it can be found below, and you can also read our full review of the game right here.

Original Article: Publisher QubicGames has blown us away with an incredible Christmas offer which will allow everyone to claim ten free games on Nintendo Switch. Here's how to get involved...

Ten games will be up for grabs to all Nintendo Switch owners from now until 24th December, and they'll be available as part of what QubicGames is calling a 'chain reaction' system. Firstly, you'll need to own one QubicGames title - any game will do, as long as it's tied to your Nintendo account. Once one QubicGames title is owned by your account, you'll be able to grab the first free game - Robonauts - until 15th December.

Top Tip: Our eagle-eyed readers have spotted that Coloring Book, a QubicGames title available on the eShop, is already free to download. This counts just like any other game, so grab that for free now and you'll get all the others free, too!

From there, you'll need to keep the chain going. Downloading a copy of Robonauts will give you free access to the second game; owning the second game will give you free access to the third, and so on, but only on the dates mentioned below. As long as you login to the eShop each day and claim your game, you'll get tomorrow's game for free.

If you're confused, here's an example: To get game nine - Mana Spark - as a free download on 23rd December, your Nintendo account library will need to have games one through eight added to it (which you'll have downloaded for free if you keep up). If you're missing any of those nine previous games in your library, you won’t see Mana Spark as a free download on 23rd December.

To make sure you've got time to be prepared, the first game will be available for several days. Make sure you own one QubicGames title, and you'll get all of these for free:

# Game Date available for free
1 Robonauts 10th - 15th Dec
2 Geki Yaba Runner 16th Dec
3 Puzzle Book 17th Dec
4 One Strike 18th Dec
5 Wreckin' Ball Adventure 19th Dec
6 Koloro 20th Dec
7 #RaceDieRun 21st Dec
8 REKT 22nd Dec
9 Mana Spark 23rd Dec
10 Space Pioneer 24th Dec

It's worth noting that the giveaway is taking place across all of Europe and the Americas, and that if you miss a game in the chain, you can purchase it to get back on track. Each game in the giveaway will be "vastly discounted" for around three weeks after it was free, so you'll have a chance to pick up any that you missed.

It sounds like a very decent deal to us. If you don't happen to own any QubicsGames titles and need one to start things off, simply search for the publisher's name in the eShop to get a full list of options. You can also search through our very own eShop database.